Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Stem cell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis has been practiced successfully. It is the closest treatment to a cure for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This disease is a debilitating disease whose cause is unknown. Nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are impacted. This damage disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system. There is a range of symptoms that can suggest that someone has MS. It is most likely a combination of genetic and environmental factors plus a viral infection that trigger MS in an individual.

Until recently the medical community could not indicate a cure for MS. Many patients would be prescribed medications that would calm some symptoms while bringing adverse side effects to patients. There have been many clinical studies in recent years and many more patients that can confirm that stem cell therapy is a probable cure for MS. Compared to traditional treatment, patients who have sought stem cell therapy reach the blessed scenario: no sign of disease (NSD).

Stem cell therapy has shown, in many scientific cases on patients, how the treatment gives a solution to families struggling with this condition. The latest research demonstrates that patients with MS would be helped with great improvements using stem cell therapy.  There are also ongoing clinical trials using this treatment on patients.

You will find data here from clinical trials.  We invite you to see further details about this treatment from clinics that have already treated many patients and continue to show positive results.

Stem cell therapy has been practiced overseas for years and continues to bring positive outcomes to families dealing with MS.  You will find on our website clinics that use this treatment and  you can schedule an appointment with them.


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