VIP Stem Cell Network – Little Rock

12 Thomas Park Cir, Little Rock, AR 72223



(877) 203-6103



VIP Stem Cell Network is an adult stem cell therapy Physician Network. They are a network of doctors in Arkansas providing Adult Stem Cell Treatments for the back, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, foot, and ankle. Their doctors use a patient’s own adult stem cells to treat Orthopedic conditions non surgically. Adult Stem Cells can treat a variety of ailments including: Osteoarthristis, Chronic Back Pain, Joint Pain, Tennis Elbow, Hip Pain, and Planter Faciitis.


Moreover, their member physicians use the latest adult stem cell harvesting technology and practices available. A typical patient experience consists of an initial doctor’s evaluation, treatment, which usually takes place in the doctor’s clinic, and follow-up visits. For the moment, insurance does not cover most adult stem cell treatments, however, prices are competitive and are often less than the deductible for a typical surgery. Please call them if you have any questions: 877-203-6103


VIP Stem Cell Network - Little Rock

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