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Seattle Stem Cell Center is unique because they give you 3 stem cell treatments for less than the cost for two treatments.

In fact, Seattle Stem Cell Center is part of a national clinical trial for stem cell therapy.  Thus, you can get clinical data of success rates of the condition you want healed. Besides, you can be assured of a high standard of care that is associated with a clinical trial.

In addition, Dr. Tami is a certified physician in Aesthetic Medicine, and Integrative & Natural Medicine. She is the type of doctor that other doctors visit as patients. Indeed, her unique combination of experience and expertise allow her to help her patients look great on the outside. Besides,  she is also uniquely qualified to treat patients using the most recent and most advanced medical and nutritional therapies to heal and overcome the effects of hard living, illness, and age.  Ultimately, you will receive the most scientifically advanced Stem Treatment in America today, and the most effective holistic follow up treatment for nutrition as well as health optimization.

Moreover, while many physicians treat symptoms, Dr. Tami discovers and treats root causes. You will receive a real diagnosis and an individual program personally customized by one of the top doctors in the country. In addition to her high level of training and accolades, her approach is holistic and cutting edge. She is committed to increasing the quality of life for all of her patients. She cares about each of her patients and treats them like family.

Furthermore, Dr. Tami is on the faculty of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and lectures around the world on Aesthetics and Bio-identical hormones for men and women as well as the benefits of stem cell therapy. She is featured as the Health and Beauty Expert for King 5 Health Link regularly. Hence, she has been the health expert for articles for Shape magazine and has hosted two radio shows about Aesthetic Medicine as well as cutting edge natural medicine and is a best selling author.

Finally, you should be alert to other clinics in the Seattle area that claim to use stem cells. If they cannot give you statistical data on successful outcomes, you should consider the lack of evidence as a signal. The Seattle Stem Cell Center is part of a national clinical trial.


Welcome to the future. A biobank is a type of biorepository that stores biological samples (usually human) for future use. Here at Seattle Stem Cell Center they are proud to announce that they are able to harvest and bank your own stem cells for future use.

Why bank your stem cells? For decades, doctors have known the unique ability of stem cells to treat diseases. The use of stem cells to treat diseases, to heal injuries, and to grow replacement tissues is now a reality. By banking your stem cells now, you will have them available for when you need them.

Indeed, a stem cell is basically any cell that can replicate and differentiate. This means the cell cannot only multiply, it can turn into different types of tissues.

Moreover, these adult stem cells are known as progenitor cells. This means they remain dormant (do nothing) unless they witness some level of tissue injury. Its the tissue injury that turns them on. So, when a person has a degenerative type problem, the stem cells tend to go to that area of need and stimulate the healing process.

Furthermore, patients have their fat (usually abdominal) harvested in our special sterile treatment facility under a local anesthetic. The fat removal procedure lasts approximately twenty minutes. Specially designed equipment is used to harvest the fat cells and less than 100cc of fat is required. therefore, post operative discomfort is minimal and there is minimal restriction on activity.

Stem cells are harvested under sterile conditions using a special closed system technology so that the cells never come into contact with the environment throughout the entire process from removal to deployment. Sterile technique and antibiotics are also used to prevent infection.

What is more, only a person’s own adult autologous cells are used. These are harvested from each individual and deployed back into their own body. There is no risk of contamination or risk of introduction of mammalian DNA into the treatments.

Finally, only adult mesenchymal stem cells are used. These cells are capable of forming bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, ligaments, blood vessels, and certain organs. Embryonic stem cells are associated with ethical considerations and limitations, therefore they are not used.

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