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Stem cells give new life and stem cell injections serve as an alternative to surgery, medications, and/or steroids. Stem cell injections can be used to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with a variety of ailments including problems of knee, hip, back, neck, shoulder, elbow, and spine, as well as arthritis and other musculoskeletal problems that have failed conventional methods of treatment.

21st Century Science

Stem cells do not mask symptoms, they heal the underlying cause of the problem by enabling tissue to regenerate! Besides, stem cell injections are more effective than traditional surgical procedures as they require less healing time, little to no rehabilitation, and are less painful. These high density, activated, stem cells are rich in growth factors and contain the regenerative capacity necessary to regulate and facilitate the natural healing process of injured tissues.

Moreover, once regenerative cells are reintroduced to the injured area, they then release signal proteins and growth factors that stimulate stem cells. These signal proteins and growth factors are called cytokines. It is important to understand that stem cells by themselves are unable to repair the injured area; stem cells must be properly directed, cytokines perform the repair function. The stem cells we use are more densely rich in cytokines than adult stem cells, allowing us to better guide the stem cell injection to the injured area.

Cytokines tell the stem cells and growth factors exactly where to go, what to do, and what to become. Our injections contain a super-high concentration of stem cells and the growth factors needed to regeneration. Once they are activated, stem cells perform a variety of valuable functions. Apart from repairing damage to the injured areas, stem cells help the damaged and weak cells in our bodies to restore themselves and aid in the body’s natural repair processes.

Recovery for Patients

Generally, the total repair process may take one to three months to complete but in most cases, improvement may be noticed earlier. Your body naturally regenerates cells throughout your body within this time cycle. Stem cells continue to differentiate and grow new tissue; stem cells remain active for up to 18 months and eventually with time bring greater results than other treatments. There are various conditions that can affect the progress of stem cell therapy, some positively, others negatively. Patients undergoing stem cell therapy are advised to minimize their intake of alcohol, as consumption tends to delay the body’s ability to release stem cells. This therapy has been proven for specific conditions and you should be aware of these to know the science behind the treatment approach.

Indeed, since most all procedures are completed in a single office visit and involve minimal discomfort, patients are generally able to resume normal activity and/or return to work the same day. For pain management, orthopedic, and joint pain treatments, patients may experience minimal pain or discomfort as the stem cells work to regenerate; pain relief usually occurs within a few weeks and continues to improve over months.


Orlando Stem Cells / Clinica del Dolor y Artritis

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