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Arthritis of the knee is a common problem that gets gradually worse. In the beginning its not too bad, but over time it begins to interfere with your daily activities more and more. Medications, knee injections and arthroscopic surgery may help but don’t stop the progression of arthritis. You arrive at a point when you look back and realize just how much your knee has affected your life. All the little compensations you have had to make, the things you have given up doing and the opportunities lost all because of your knee. It is then you realize you have a problem. When you see the doctor, s/he says yeah you have arthritis but it is not severe enough to warrant knee replacement, here take these pills, or I can give you a shot in the knee.

A combination of stem cells and growth factor rich platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be injected into the knee where the cells change into new articular joint cartilage, restoring the health and function of the knee joint. The purpose of stem cell therapy for arthritis of the knee is to reduce pain and improve function. While it may not cure arthritis, it is a treatment of the damage done by arthritis using the body’s own repair mechanism but in much greater quantities than the body can deliver to the joint at one time. Stem cell therapy does not involve the use of drugs and the stem cells and platelet rich plasma are not altered in any way, only concentrated.

They harvest stem cells from the superficial fat stores found in your abdominal wall by liposuction in our office using local anesthesia. Platelet rich plasma is obtained from your blood drawn and processed in our office lab. This takes about 2 hours on the first day. On the next day you return to the office for about 30 minutes to have the stem cells and PRP injected into the knee. There is very little down time or discomfort for either procedure.

Over the 3 months, following stem cell therapy, people begin to experience gradual improvement. At the 3-month mark most people can tell that they are on the road to recovery. The full benefit is not experienced until 12 months after the therapy.

The team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality Regenomic stem cell technology. They are equipped and trained to perform all aspects of this procedure in our modern facility. It is their goal to see that you have a pleasant and beneficial experience here.

Stem cell therapy breaks the shackles of arthritis and restores the knee to health and vigor. The time to be free from the pain and limitations of arthritis is now!  Schedule your appointment on our platform.


Musculoskeletal Regenomics

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